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I would have a Home Theater specialist look at this.

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Hi John, your post is pretty much useful and thanks a lot! Here I have to ask do I have to set the format at a sample rate of 44, When listening to iTunes I get a slight popping or quarter second drop out. Like a digital processing issue.

How to hook up a USB audio device to your Mac

If there is an optical in on the HK, then it will process the signal. The problem may be that the adaptor between the optical cable and the headphone port on the back of the Mac is loose or dirty. Another possibility is that in the Audio Midi setup utility, the sound format is at the wrong kHz level. You could try playing around with those. I had an 07 macbook and the Toslink cable worked great on it.

Would never have bought it had I known. The 3. What do you think is the best option for high quality audio? Will be hooking up to my receiver. Hi Mike — Sad, but they are abandoning the Toslink option. Check out the Emotiva site.

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Wonderful affordable audio separate that are upgradeable. Call them and they will be happy to discuss your setup. There may be an intermediary USB sound card processor. Anyway, failing the USB out, you could talk to them about ways to maximize the sound quality of what you ca get out of the headphone output. All is not lost.

MacMini audio out - Optical-S/PDIF? | MacRumors Forums

Let me know if you come by a good resolution. All the best — John. Setup was painless.

Sound Blaster E5 Review - 192khz external USB sound card for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android

Since the D1 is bus powered you still have to plug the USB in but you select the optical output. Of course I suppose you could power it via discrete USB power supply. Kudos for the checklist here. Both very hacky to obtain.. I have a Logitech z and would like to have surround sound on both the Mac and Windows side. I am interested in this product on EBay http: Okay, I decided to just go for it.

Thanks for your help though! I can see it stops coming out the end of the cable. At the other end of the list is something like a mixing console, which will have many inputs, allowing your to hook up, say, 16 different inputs and have them all piped into your GarageBand app. For best results, hook it direct to a USB port on your Mac.

USB hubs can cause complications, and even malfunctions. If not, then plug the port adapter in too. Using your new interface is even easier. Just mouse up to the menubar and click the little volume icon. This will include your new USB audio interface. If your audio device has a volume knob on it, you use that instead. Depending on the audio device, you may have several routing options.

USB to Optical Audio Adapter

For instance, the device may have inputs as well as outputs. You can choose these in the same volume menu item as before. Just press the Option key when you click it, to see the extra options. If you prefer, you can also find all of these choices in the System Preferences Sound tab. You can also get quite a bit more advanced. Rea 2, 13 40 Kevin Mark 5. MrDaniel MrDaniel Turtle Beach! I remember those guys from way back when. Rea Mar 16 '12 at The font of Turtle Beach and the color of that logo remind of the retro-style Apple.

One note about the linked to Turtle Beach model is that it does not support 5. You would have to look around too see, not sure how well OS X even supports surround sound etc? Jordan Guinn Jordan Guinn 11 1. EthanHancock EthanHancock 11 1. Jacob Monte Jacob Monte 1. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.